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I’m so DMEUMB!

I’m so BUMMED! I was halfway done with that “showy shrug” I’ve been working on. I laid it out last night just to make sure it wasn’t going to be too big. When I compared it to the image on the pattern, I discovered I’D DONE IT BACKWARDS! I was thoroughly confused because it calls for reverse stockinette stitch, so apparently the purl side is the “RS” and the knit side is the “WS.”

So now I have to frog it all the way back to the sleeves, which really ticks me off because I’ve tried so hard to follow this danged pattern carefully. I should have asked more questions.

Oh, well. Live knit and learn.

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What can I say? She’s the boss of me.

This is Cali, our 14-year-old calico. I’ve posted photos of her before, but I love this one. She knows my attention is at the keyboard, so that’s where she decides to lay. She also does this when I’m trying to knit. She’s too old to worry about the ball of yarn; instead she just lays on my lap and watches the yarn move past her feet. I know lots of people aren’t “cat people,” but there’s really something special about them once they finally choose to show their affection. It’s true what they say: “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.” And I’m really glad I’m hers.