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Here’s what I’ve been working on lately (though I can’t take much credit for the afghan as a friend helped with the majority of it). The main body of the Showy Shrug is done, but now I have to add all the ribbing that will go around the edges. This is the project that has caused my love/hate relationship with knitting; I love it when it’s going well, but I hate frogging it over and over. This yarn, Lion Brand Mystery, is horrid to fix because of the super-bulky areas of color. But I do love the effect! On the bright side, I’ve become extremely adept at UN-knitting. I need to pace myself, though, as I don’t want to finish these at the same time and then have nothing to work on! (Gasp!)
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Fair is middling.

Life really does begin after 45, it seems.

And if you want the proof, here’s a recent report from the Journal of Advanced Nursing, in which researchers from the College of Nursing at Arizona State University measured the stress levels and personality traits of 299 women of various ages.

What they found is encouraging:

  • Women between ages 18 and 29 were under high stress, and had poor personality traits. Result: poor health, both physically and emotionally.
  • Between ages 30 and 45, stress levels generally went up, but women with strong personality traits saw their way through it all, and they were healthier than when they were younger.
  • Once past 45, emotional stress levels declined, while the healthy personalities became better still.
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Meet Sadie (above photo album).

Meet Sadie, (above) the newest member of our family! We rescued Sadie from the local shelter. She’s a four-year-old Spitz mix (which would account for the wolf-like appearance) who was not treated well by her former owner. She was left outside on a chain and has not been socialized at all. She is timid and fearful of strangers, loud talk, big men, and unfamiliar noise. She doesn’t bark, doesn’t know how to play, but she has a heart of gold and has stolen mine. She’s totally devoted to me and is at my feet constantly, mostly lying down keeping my toes warm. I know she’ll eventually come around, because her need to please is more than obvious. She seems eager to learn, and every day she opens up a little more. It hasn’t even been a week, and already our cat, Cali (see other posts), has accepted her, which is amazing since Cali hasn’t accepted another animal in the house in over 14 years. Could it be she senses a wounded soul?