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My next project is on the needles, a simple shell tank for summer from Classic Elite. I’m not using their “Posh” yarn, though, because I found a bunch of Caron Simply Soft on clearance at WalMart a couple weeks ago and was compelled to buy it (stashbusters, ignore this). This stuff is SO soft and SO nice to work with! My biggest problem is finding time to do it (see page 2 for reasons why). Luckily it’s mostly brainless work with the help of my handy row-counter, so I can actually multi-task and do this while I’m watching “24,” the fastest hour on TV.
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Let the countdown begin!

Okay. I’ve added a cute little ticker countdown to — well, I suppose to add to my stress levels! (I wonder if they have one for stress levels!)

Another shower for K & A gifted the kids with some beautiful items from their registries. Lucky ducks!

I once had an idea that we should give anniversary showers for couples married 10, 20, 30 years. Wouldn’t that be a great idea? You know what you like, you know what you use, you know what you need — or what needs replacing — and it kind of rejuvinates things for the old married couple. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; just fun, And with the divorce stats the way they are, hey, one more incentive to stick with it (at least until after the milestone,) might not be a bad idea! Everybody likes new stuff!

So next on the agenda is meetings regarding music and seating, then another hair appointment (not sure I liked how the last one went), and then PROM for Senior-Boy.