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I’m just so frustrated! The big day is fast approaching, the wedding of our son. I’m so close to finishing this shell, and I really want to do it, but I just can’t seem to sit down and complete it. All I need to do is finish the shoulders, bind it off, and put the quick edging on. I’d love to wear it at some point over the next three or four days. But it’s like I have a mental block, like I can’t think enough to do the counting and binding off of just those few stitches. I’m a little brain frozen, like if I try to do anything with my mind, I’ll simply lose it, and then everyone will know there’s this blithering idiot that’s banging around in my head.

I know once this weekend is over, once all the company goes home and we can re-live the BIG EVENT, once I’ve fully recovered from what I’m sure will be a fractured post-party condition — well, then maybe I can pick up my therapy again, my knitting, my COMFORT, and re-enter the zone.