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I’d love some ideas for my 11-foot front window display at my new store, ImagiKnit. Any and all suggestions would be most welcome! I’m a little brain-fried trying to get this up and running, but it looks like it could happen THIS WEEK!!! I can hardly believe it. With so many delays and set-backs in dealing with our local building department and state codes (at least their interpretation of them), I didn’t think it would ever happen. And I hate counting my skeins before they’re spun — I mean, do I actually have a permanent occupancy permit? *shudder* I won’t even go there.

So waddya think about this idea (for starters) for a window display?

window display 1

Ya like those needles? Aren’t they a HOOT?!? Would you love to see your ideas come to life? Send me your thoughts. If I use any part of them, I’ll take a pic of the window display and post it!

C’mon! Help!