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EwwKay.  Let’s see if I can remember how this goes.  In May I considered eCommerce (not happening!) because May apparently is not a huge yarn-shop kinda month.  Go figure.  People seemed more concerned with getting used to the fact that their kids would be home 24/7 and bored within days, their yards might need mowing, and pretty flowers often don’t happen by themselves.  I’ll admit things were getting a little panicky here in my head since I’d just been open a couple months and bills were due and stuff like that.  So while it was all great fun to practically live at my new little shop, things were slow enough that I wondered if I’d soon be amongst the home shopless.  June arrived in all its glory heat, and all the beautiful wool I’d ordered wasn’t really foremost in the minds of many knitters.   (Though felted-bag knitters are wooly diehards, and a little 90+ heat never stops them.)

Now it’s July.  Who knew July would be a great knitting month?  Who knew that $3.39 a gallon was an acceptable price to pay for people to come up north and visit?  Who knew that A/C can draw knitters to the shop like YO’s to lace? 

I’ve discovered, and hope to remember, that July is a really good month for Gaylord.  We have 4th of July; we have festsivals; we have great golfing and swiming and camping.  But I also hope to remember that we now have yarn reps coming to show me the new fall lines.  (Yes; there are seasonal ‘lines’ to yarn.)  I’m still catching my breath and excited about the summer stuff when suddenly I’m inundated with color choices for wools and patterns for this fall and winter.  What the world? 

So I’ve ordered the fall stuff.  I look forward again to all my little Santas who deliver to my shop, even though I know I’ve held deliveries out through September.  I can’t wait for this stuff to come in. I can’t knit fast enough or often enough.    But during this first year open, I’m clueless as to what sells when and why.  I don’t know one day to the next how it’s going to go.  This year will at least give me projections for next year.  (Next year!)  I’ll have fewer excuses next year, although I retain my right to the short-term-memory-loss thing.  I’m having a blast.  I’m meeting the best, most generous, thoughtful and interesting people I’ve ever known.  I go home with pounding feet to knit a bit.  And I look forward each day to whatever it’ll bring, because ya just never know.