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Man, I LOVE surprises!!!

R Funky PelicanMy mom was here for an extended stay over the winter of 2014. It’s always miserably cold in northern Michigan, so it’s nice for her to be able to get out of the freezing weather and into something more bearable, if only for a few months. I know she probably misses her Michigan family during that time.  I came home from work on a Friday to discover my sister Kathleen and her husband Jim surprised us with a visit! My mom had no idea, nor did I, but boy, oh boy, do I love a good surprise! It was so fun seeing them, if only briefly. I know mom was thrilled, as well. We all went to the Funky Pelican for dinner and talked and laughed the night away. It was good for me and good for mom. I think Kathy and Jim enjoyed it, too.

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A prayer answered

It had been a long time since I worked for someone besides myself. I was a freelance court reporter for over 15 years, then an independent shop owner for four. It’s not easy being self-employed, but it is fun. I’m a great self-starter (outside my home) and pretty disciplined. So when I took a job in the home health field here in Florida, I really looked forward to learning a whole new area. What I did not realize at the time was that not every company plays fair, and even if you go over and above your job description, you can’t expect to be appreciated by those in management who are not directly exposed to your efforts. And while I realize the economy hasn’t been the best, Florida is an at-will employment state which means there is no job security. None. You can quit at will, and they can fire you at will. Florida also has one of the lowest pay rates around. What I also learned at this company is that not everyone in the same position is compensated the same, even though hire dates are close. That unwanted discovery makes for some heavy resentment in the fairness field. Even with an excellent annual review and a letter to the owner, their refusal to acknowledge a good employee with a decent wage forced me to look elsewhere (which was suggested when I voiced my opinion).Capture

Months of searching and several interviews later, I was asked to join Gentiva Hospice here in Palm Coast as their Patient Care Secretary. An interview with four of the staff convinced me immediately that this was a place I could work for a long, long time. And with my experience at my previous job, I was well-suited for their needs. Their offer included a very fair wage and a great benefit package. And even though I’m three miles from the office instead of one, I KNOW this is going to be a great place to work.

It was a tough decision leaving my wonderful friends at AmeriCare, and I plan on staying in touch with as many as I can. But I can truly say that this is a long-awaited answer to prayer.