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My “rescue”

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a cat person. I love the softness of them, the calmness, their purrs, their kneads, their attitude. Kittens are among the most entertaining baby animals I can think of (aside from, say, baby monkeys), and if there were a way to keep them little, I’d probably invest in it! My last cat had us for 15 years before she died of natural causes.

Sadie the day I rescued her
Sadie the day I rescued her

With Thom’s allergies, though, it’s the first time in my life I haven’t had a cat, and I do miss it. Instead, we have two dogs: Sadie, whom I rescued in 2005, and Doug, Thom’s rescue in 2013.

They say a rescued dog knows it’s rescued and is grateful. I don’t know about that. What I do know is that timid, sweet Sadie rescued me. And it is who am eternally grateful. She got me through a very difficult time in my life and shared my days at the shop where she received tons of love and belly rubs from my knitters. She doesn’t leave my side when I’m home. If I’m gone for several days, she won’t eat; she stays in her crate, desolate until I return. It’s been 10 years since we met. She has slowed down a bit. I see the beginnings of cataracts in her eyes when she looks at me. She spends most of her day sleeping while I’m at work. But when I walk in the door at night, she comes to greet me, tail wagging, sniffing all around to see where I’ve been all day. She stays nearby, follows me from room to room, nudges me for a stroke while I’m knitting and is currently laying at my feet. She is simply the sweetest animal. What you see in this photo is who she is. It is this face looking out from the newspaper that compelled me to go to the shelter that day where I fell in love and was rescued.

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Hidden gems

0404150920My friend Sarah made me this colorful pot years ago. It’s traveled with me from Michigan to Florida. We’ve planted several things in it since, and while not all were successful, some were and have been replanted in the ground. It currently sits outside our lanai waiting. At first, it held only the dirt left over from the previous dweller. Now that it’s spring, it’s becoming full of green, unidentified leaves waiting, perhaps, for another chance to grow something beautiful.

But Mother Nature had other ideas. While we were waiting, a pair of wrens (we think) created an amazing nest neatly tucked beneath the foliage in preparation for their springtime babies. We witnessed them taking turns bringing twigs, hair, and moss into the pot, taking their time to piece together a most beautiful little home.

And then we didn’t see them for days. We’d had a pretty heavy rainfall, and later when we checked, the pot looked flooded and we assumed the worst. unnamed

But this morning Thom saw them enter the top of the pot once more. And this is what we found:

I’m not sure why birds build nests so close to humans. Last year we found one in our garage under a lamp shade. The little birds had found a hole in the screen and decided to take advantage, perhaps, of being out of the weather.  I remember some robins had built a nest atop the garage door opener in my parents’ home. (They parked outside for several weeks, much to my dad’s chagrin.)

We will try not to disturb these hidden gems as they develop and hatch. God knows it’s hard enough to raise a family without adding noisy neighbors to the mix! We did tuck the pot under the eave to hopefully prevent it from filling with water during the next storm. That’s all we can do. Mother Nature will take care of the rest.