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Regan and Colton

What do you say when a young life ends? Certainly we question God. We ask how this could happen, what could have been done differently. We try and figure out what went wrong. Hindsight is disturbingly 20/20.

Colton’s smile lit up his face and the room he was in. His was a warm and loving spirit, quick with a laugh, a hug.

His family is forever changed. There is before, and there is after. Grief and love share a path that cannot be ignored no matter how hard or how long we try. It’s how our loved one’s absence expresses itself in our hearts, impossible not to heed.

He lives on in his young son, his little sisters and brothers, in his parents, in their memories and reminisces. He comes alive when spoken of.

He is surely and sorely missed.

Never never never give up. ”    Winston Churchill