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Long Creek and Ol’ Black Water

This little gem sits right outside our back door. Seen from the air, this creek winds its way like a maze on its way to the Intracoastal, just six short switchback miles. It’s influenced by the tide and current. We’ve learned by doing that it’s easier to navigate when it’s deep, and lately it’s been plenty deep. The last couple months, the very high tides here have been a cumulative result of something called king tides plus full moons plus high onshore winds. And I love it!

Today David surprised me with an invitation to kayak. I immediately said yes, gathered my hat and my phone (for photos), and went to the creek on this beautiful sunny Florida day. He was already in and waiting, so I dragged my kayak to the shore and stepped in. I realized too late that this method, while it works well for him, does not work for me.

As my kayak slowly slid away from the bank, I found myself in the somewhat awkward position of doing the splits, dreading but knowing that I was not going to be able to pull myself back to shore. The struggle was real but fruitless. I ended up butt-in-creek; muddy, yukky creek; until I could finally get myself up onto the bank again. Ewwwww!

I plodded back into the house, stripped the muddy pants off, quickly rinsed where I could, then found some shorts and headed back out determined not to let it ruin my day.

And it didn’t!

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Never in a million.

I have three adult kids. My oldest is married and lives in Oklahoma with his wife and three kids, current ages five, seven, and nine; girl, girl, boy, respectively. I try and see them at least once a year; more if they travel to wherever I am. He’s a geophysicist working in the natural gas field, so he isn’t leaving OK anytime soon.

My second is my only daughter, a pediatric cardio echo-tech who loves children, travel, and family, not necessarily in that order. Because she is single, she has been able to travel quite a bit, primarily through three-month travel gigs around the country, but also internationally, since she has no qualms about traveling solo. She’s my gypsy, my independent free spirit, and (finally!) my friend.

My last child is my youngest son, pretty much a gift to me as he’s five years behind his sister. He is married with two beautiful daughters.

They’re all really cool people. They’re tons-o-fun, and I like them all lot, including their spouses. I’m not being facetious. I really like these people, and I’m very grateful for that. Heaven knows I have friends who still have a difficult relationship with at least one of their offspring. I’m lucky, and I know it.

What I never dreamed in a million years was that any of my kids would ever live near me. I knew full well that leaving Michigan would mean having to travel to see my kids and grandkids. I was prepared for that. But once again God smiled down on me, and at this point in time, two out of three of them live nearby. My youngest and his family are within 10 minutes of us, while my daughter is just a little over an hour away and comes often for visits, usually bringing her wonderful cousin with her.

For so many years I would hear friends talk about what they did with their kids over the weekends, and I would always say how lucky they were to have them near. Now I’m the lucky one, and I would never have believed it. Never in a MILLION!