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I’m such a wuss.

Things are gonna start happenin’ now!

Easter is over, so now we’re on the final stretch to THE BIG DAY! For those who don’t know, our oldest son is getting married May 20th (see previous posts). While I’m only the MOG (Mother of the Groom), I’m finding the stress related to this position plentiful and am eternally grateful Number 2 Child didn’t marry first (yes; a girl).

I’m someone who works best under pressure. I like to put big projects off till the last minute and then act like a crazy-woman trying to get it all done ‘by tomorrow’! However, I’m certainly not going to let that happen with this wedding. I have found the dress, though I have yet to receive the phone call telling me the alterations are finished. I’ve got the shoes and the total body sucker. I’m going this week for a dye-job and a sample hair styling. I’ve got my calendar filled with appointments, showers, pre-events, post-events, guest arrival and departure dates, etc. I’ve started a honey-do list for dh that will keep him busy for weeks. My problem is direction.

I feel like I’m being pulled six ways to Sunday every day. Transcripts need typing, my house needs deep cleaning, my garden needs raking, laundry needs laundering, phones need answering, dogs need walking. But all I really want to do is escape into my knitting, and hide behind needles and patterns and yarn. Can you say “avoidance”?

I really am such a wuss.