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Dumb bunny

This is the bunny blanket I was doing to take a break from my Cocoon project (which, BTW, has become my worst nightmare since being required to “reverse pattern to match right side.” … Riiiiiiiiight).

This was terrible yarn to work. It was Bernat something or other. The pattern for the head was to sl 1, p1, which I did — at least I did it as well as I could without actually being able to SEE the stitch. Turns out that wasn’t good enough, because when I went to stuff the head, there was no opening. Very dumb. Not a dumb pattern, but a very dumb bunny trying to knit it with this very dumb yarn.

I think this is what they call operator error.

And another one bites the dust-bunny.

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Look at this!

Look at this thing!

Not my mom. (Though she does look mahvelous, dudn’t she?)
She’s there for perspective.

I’m talking about these hibiscus…or hibiscii? Whatever.
These are some amazing flowers for here in Michigan!

And before anyone wonders…no, these are not mine.

Well…the mom is.

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Lacy hat

LOOKY! LOOKY! I have a finished project! Actually, I cheated. I was digging and sorting yesterday and found this at the bottom of one of my (dozen or so) bags. This is actually meant for the Caps for a Cure project, so I’ll have to get it in the mail next week.

I’m also taking an occasional breather from the will-this-never-end lovely Cocoon pattern and working on this little bunny blankie for fun. But I’m using some kind of Bernat fleecy yarn (sorry; lost the label), and it’s NOT fun! It’s like knitting with linty thread.

Thursday, though, was constructive as far as getting patterns organized. I currently have three binders filled with patterns and filed by type. Feels good. Now if I only I could do the same to my clothes closet.

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I DO love Secret Pal!!!



How fun is this? My Secret Pal angel really came through at the last minute. I had SO much fun opening this box. And she really must have studied my blog and questionnaire. I almost ordered this book last night. I’m so glad I waited! And the great wool! Now I can do felted booties for both girl babies and boy babies! Good & Plenty — my favorite! A vanilla scented candle and sock yarn…a Knit Simple magazine! And a great eye-soothing mask for when I become cross-eyed trying to read lace patterns.But best of all?



These beautiful STITCH MARKERS — including a couple perfect red hat stitch markers! Can’t wait to use them!


Thanks so much, Kimmie!


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What the heck???

What (might you ask) is this? It’s pretty obvious when you see it in context. (Click HERE to get the whole picture.) This was found after returning from kayaking the Jordan River last Sunday. Can you say “OUCH”?!?

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cocoon sweater

Here goes. I’m going to try my hand needles again on what’s hopefully a simpler lace project than that dumb tank I tried just recently…and totally FROGGED!! This one is from Meg Swansen’s beautiful book, A Gathering of Lace. So far, so good. But I’m being reeeeally careful and counting stitches each way, back and forth, and tinking wherever it’s not right. I’m using the lovely and beautiful Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in taupe…so soft!!! This is taking longer than the average knit for me, but frankly I’m being much more particular than normal. Have I finally learned my lesson?

Nah.frog Just tired of going to the frog pond. (Ribbit!)