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Meg’s Wallaby

Well, let’s see. When did I start this? I know it’s been a couple of months. But it’s finally finished, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The fact that it FITS her is such a plus! LOL! This is my fourth Wallaby, and definitely the largest so far. While I’m not keen on the white ‘stripe’ made from the Plymouth Encore Colorspun, I do love this pattern!


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I used to hate doing lace. I’ve tried it several times with no luck. Actually, the Cocoon vest is a lace-like pattern, and that went okay. Sort of. Well, eventually. But the vest is way too big for me, so while I wear it occasionally around the house, it was an expensive learning tool.

Then I tried other, lacier-type pattern, but turns out I kept trying to improvise with the wrong tools; i.e., really slippery Addi’s with really soft and slippery Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  Eventually I’ll figure out what to do with that yarn!

Leafy scarf halfway

But now I’m in the middle of this Branching Out scarf from Knitty. I’m actually enjoying it. I do two or three pattern repeats a day, and after each and every set I put a lifeline! There’s a reason they call it a lifeline.

This is being made with some beautiful Shepherd’s Worsted from a local spinner. I love the color. So does my mother, who happened to see it the other day when she popped in unexpectedly and spoiled her surprise. That’s okay. She said it was beautiful before she knew it was for her.

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knitted helmet liner

I finally finished this knitted helmet to send to my hero-nephew for his second stint in Iraq. I was reading how the nights are so cold there in the desert. I wish I could knit a dozen of them for his men! This was done with just one ball of Lion Brand Wool Ease.  And here’s the pattern for this Knitted Wool Helmet Liner.  Quick and easy and a great way to support our troops.

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Twins’ 1st b’day and Sean - Wallabys

My little twin neice and nephew turned 1 year old this past Saturday. They’re the babies I was making those little Wallaby sweaters for. The smallest size in the pattern is a size 2, so I’ve been a bit concerned they were going to be too big.


I’m so thrilled with how they turned out for them! I’d have to say they do run a little small, now that I’ve seen them on. Thank goodness they can wear them now in the cold season; otherwise, they’d have outgrown them too soon!

Aren’t they darling?  (My brother, too, huh?)