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For those who think I’ve gone from a knitting fool to just a fool who’s trying to open a shop, I have knit these past weeks; it’s just that I haven’t finished much because of having so much to do trying to open. Luckily I have wonderful friends who have made/are making models for the shop.

Blue and gold Hat

Today I made this cute School Colors Hats out of some Lamb’s Pride Bulky that was just a pleasure to knit with — so soft with the mohair! I’ll have to make one up in blue and white for our St. Mary’s colors, then put them in the shop on display.

Other than ordering, inventorying and marking, I’m still waiting waiting waiting to move in. I keep hearing, “Two to four weeks!” And then the weeks go by and I hear it again. So discouraging! But I’ve still plenty to keep me busy, and it’s a good distraction when I miss my kitty.