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left1b.jpgWell, I’m very close to opening my shop now. After some major, major delays with the remodeling of my first location, I’m moving before I ever open the doors. Too much frustration and time lost for me to wait any longer for our county building department to use the common sense God gave them and quit searching for reasons to find code violation after code violation. One would think I was opening a hospital wing for all the attention to unnecessary detail this place was getting. I mean, really, does an 800-square foot retail space really require TWO bathrooms and a drinking fountain?? I mean… c’mon!

So I’m signing a lease on another location half a mile from the original spot, and I will hope and pray that I can get in there before March 1. Thankfully we have long winters here in northern Michigan, so while I’ve lost half the season, I haven’t lost it all.

I’ll be sure to post pictures when we finally get in there. But in the meantime, I’ve built my website and would love you to stop by and VISIT ME HERE AND SAY HI!