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The Wonderful Circle of Life

I’m a gramma again. We have a baby girl…with a beautiful name! Evelynn Quinn Nugent was born yesterday, May 21st, at 11:08 a.m., 8# 3 oz, 21″ long, with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. And I cannot wait to meet her!

So there it is. The circle of life. Rick, Amy, Dennis…and now Evie. Round and round it goes. It just all takes getting used to and learning how to wrap our heads around these ‘new normals’ that occur in this thing we call LIFE.

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They say it comes in 3’s.

And apparently it’s true. First Sarah’s Rick, then my Amy, and now my friend and former colleague Dennis Murphy is finally succumbing to colon cancer. This man is 57 years old, has a wife, Terry who is a friend and fellow knitter, and three lovely grown kids. He is a Circuit Court Judge, one of the best in the business, never one to take himself or his position too seriously; a fair and honest man. He loved riding his motorcycle, because in his helmet he could be incognito in our little town of Gaylord.

Again, he must have known his time here would be short. He was a daredevil on that bike. He loved speed, standing up on his bike pegs while flying down the road. And he loved our Meg. He loved to call her ‘punkin.’ “How’s punkin’?” he would ask. This was when she was a teenager and I would regale him with frustrated tales of her latest antics. He thought it was great, her spunkiness, her ‘moxy,’ just her.

He and Terry are perfect together. I remember once they came to our Irish party, and when I met them at the door, they had on the goofiest hand-made ‘hats.’ I said to her later, “I can’t believe you got him to wear that thing.” Her quiet response, with a sideways grin, was, “He’ll do anything I tell him to.” I laughed then and it makes me laugh now.

So another good and joyful person joins the heavens leaving us here on earth wondering, again: Why?

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My Amy – 11/29/68 to 5/6/12

For Amy,
Amy Rauch Nielson
Amy Rauch Nielson
First, I will say I love you. I am one of the many hundreds of lucky individuals to know you and to love you and be loved by you.
I remember you saying once you don’t want to be remembered as ‘the girl who fought cancer and lost.’ And I remember thinking at the time no matter what happens, you will never have lost. You have brought more light, love and joy to the world than anyone I know.
So let’s reminisce about what I love:
  • Getting to know you when you were only in your mid-to-late 20’s, even though I certainly knew you before that through our parents’ friendship.
  • Your generosity in sending mom and dad to Florida – until Sean finally kicked us in the butts and said, ‘Hey, why is Amy sending them when we can all jointly send them?”
  • Your higher score on the ACTs. You know what I mean. 😉
  • Spending time in Florida with you, mom and dad, watching you exercise, laughing when you’d pinch dad’s butt, the wonderful meals you’d prepare, your non-stop chatter and energy!
  • At Sean and Cathy’s when you came around the pool carrying one of the infant twins and you saying, “I could do this, couldn’t I?” (You always would question your mothering ability, and I would always tell you you’d make a wonderful mother. I was right.)
  • Hibernian parties. New Year’s Eve parties. St. Patty’s Day parties. You always dressed for the occasion, no matter what!
  • Sparky Airport Transport. Driving around and around the terminal because we’re talkingtalkingtalking and you missed the stop. And no matter what time of day or night, you were always willing to make the drive, sometimes still in your flannel onesie pj’s!
  • Burning Kev’s French toast. Talkingtalkingtalking. LOL!
  • Your eternal optimism. (Are you sure you’re not Irish?)
  • Those damned dogs racing down your stairs to attack me!
  • John Edward! (What will your sign be? I’ll watch for it!)
  • “One groovy chick.” And you are!!!
  • Allowing me to shave your head.
  • Elephant-fest!
  • Your precious relationship with my parents.
  • Our talks. I loved our talks. For someone with your IQ, it always amazed me how you would constantly question your abilities or second-guess yourself.
  • Your undying support of me in whatever my choices were.
  • Your unconditional love.
  • Your bravery in the face of so many difficulties! Losing one parent then another. That first ‘marriage.’ Learning who your real friends are. Finances. Health.
  • Your tremendous devotion to Theo and to Don.
  • Your quick wit and raucous laughter!
You are the very bravest of women. A steel magnolia. A warrior. You have left an indelible mark on those you’ve touched and those you will touch in the future through your words. Though you don’t see it now, you are one of the lucky ones. You filled your life with love, laughter, family and friends. I don’t personally know any other person who has the following you do. You have created a support group for Don and Theo that will see them through the difficulties ahead. You have fought bravely and ferociously. You have lived a long, full life in a mere 43 years. And there is a time for every season. Your boys will be okay. You will be okay. The next chapter is ahead of you: Your mom, your dad, Charlie – they’re all waiting for you with open arms!
And I’ll be watching for you. I love you dearly, and I will miss you forever.
Aka CP / Chicky-poo
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Had a great visit with Thom’s sister and brother-in-law, Sharon and Bob, last week. That’s the good news.  The bad news is that Thom had put his back out the Saturday before they arrived when we took Sadie for a walk while we were on bikes. He was holding her leash and balancing his bike at the same time; apparently not a good thing for someone with a bad back. It’s now a week and a half later, and it’s still not good. We’re all trying to convince him to try a chiropractor. He must be in bad shape, because I think he’s actually considering it. Here’s hoping.