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I’m not sure if this is a symptom of ADD knitting, but I’ve started yet another project. A friend of mine lost her hair to chemo, and I found this great hat in the latest Knit Picks magazine. I’m using Shine and Shine Twist in Apricot. It’s a free pattern here. This is really some great yarn; Pima cotton and silky Modal; soft as can be and in great colors.
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One more strike and it’s OUTTAHERE!

Let’s see. If you check down a few posts, you’ll see the Moebius Wrap I’ve been attempting, completed twice, and frogged again — for the second time. I made it once with a full twist and had to frog it. Then I made it again, this time with a HALF twist, unsure how it was going to turn out. (Get a load of this pattern’s instruction.) Actually, it DID work; it had a half-twist. But it didn’t look very good with the knit/purl pattern I put in. So out it all came: “Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.”
I hope I don’t hate this thing before I ever get to wear it.
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She’ll Love It! She PROMISED!

Well, here I go. I’ve never done three projects at one time, but heck, why not? As long as the “Project Police” don’t come knockin’ at my door, I’m gonna attempt it.

My DD was home from college over the weekend.

Do some of you remember being pregnant the first time how, whenever you went shopping, the baby department automatically lured you towards it like you had some kind of homing device implanted instead of a child? Well, that’s how knitting has affected me. So of course while shopping together with my daughter, I had to stop and check out the yarn department at Walmart. Now, I know by heart what they have and in what colors, but there’s always the off-chance that something NEW might come in; right?

Not this time. But my DD started perusing those little tear-off projects that hang temptingly by the yarns. She found a pattern for an afghan she just LOVED. Would I make her one in pinks and grays? Pleeease?

Since she no longer lives with us, we just love each other to death, so of course I said yes. But the deal was I wasn’t going to spend all my time and admittedly meager skills to knit this if she was going to tell me later it was too small. (She loves wrapping herself like a cocoon in her blankets.) She said she’d love it, and even if it were too small, it could be the first thing I knit for her daughter.


Yeah. That’s generally how our conversations go. And no, she’s not pregnant. She’s not even married. She’s just planning ahead.

So I’ve started the afghan. Twice, so far. But like she keeps saying, as I emote about frogging it after the wrong stitch count, “It’s fine mom. I’ll still love it!”

Yeah. So I’ve got that goin’ for me.

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Oops. I’ve Done It Again. : (

Yay! I finished the shrug last night (well, 1:30 a.m.). When I tried it on, I realized I twisted it a full turn instead of a HALF TURN!!! ARGH! Looked more like an oversized headband than a shrug. So I had to frog it, tink it, RIP IT OUT! Plus I realized afterward that I failed to add the last skein of yarn.

Whatever happened to me trying to enjoy the process?!?!?

So…yeah…I’m starting over.

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Give Me a Break!

I’ve been working on that off-shoulder knit summer top in the ColorMe Soft Cotton in k2p2 (tedious!) ribbing. I’m about a third of the way done and decided to take a break from it and start a knit/purl patterned shrug in Tahki Yarns Bunny Print shown above. It’s nice and easy as it’s done on circs, twisted once at the join, with 8 rows knit, 8 rows purl, repeated four times. Won’t that be nice on the deck of the cottage this spring?!! Can’t wait!!!
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Cottage Living

In August 20, 2005, we bought a cottage! I’m so thrilled! We laugh and say it’s “up north,” but it’s only three miles from our home — albiet two miles NORTH! It’s just a two-bedroom, one little bath place, but it has the most perfect kitchen, decking, view, and amenities ever. It’s more than I could have asked for, and it’s our compromise. With all the traveling my husband does, he rarely wants to go anywhere once he’s home. Now I can get away without actually getting away, and he can relax and unwind by kayaking around our little lake and putzing around the cottage. The entire family has enjoyed it with our little ‘fleet’ of boats: two kayaks, an aluminum fishing boat, and a two-seater paddle-boat. We’ve met some wonderful neighbors who don’t come up nearly enough!

It was so lovely last fall in the peace and quiet of no tv, no phone, and no computer. One morning I woke to a thunderstorm and sat at the table eating my bagel, drinking my coffee, and watching the little hummingbird outside my window as he drank his breakfast. It had such a calming effect on me — nothing like it. Just the thought of it and the anticipation of spring makes me happy.

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Summer Top (Aren’t I optimistic?)

I made this last summer out of some discontinued Paton ribbon yarn. I really liked knitting with it; the only big problem I had was the ends were tough to weave in. I find them popping out every once in awhile. But I like how the yarn changes color, and because it’s cotton, it’s pretty comfortable year-round. Of course, here in northern Michigan, I have to use something around my shoulders if I go anywhere — like my CLAPOTIS!
Anyway, thought I’d post this since I’m still trying to finish the danged socks. Heading to a LYS tomorrow morning with another pattern to find some yarn. Can’t wait!