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Cottage Living

In August 20, 2005, we bought a cottage! I’m so thrilled! We laugh and say it’s “up north,” but it’s only three miles from our home — albiet two miles NORTH! It’s just a two-bedroom, one little bath place, but it has the most perfect kitchen, decking, view, and amenities ever. It’s more than I could have asked for, and it’s our compromise. With all the traveling my husband does, he rarely wants to go anywhere once he’s home. Now I can get away without actually getting away, and he can relax and unwind by kayaking around our little lake and putzing around the cottage. The entire family has enjoyed it with our little ‘fleet’ of boats: two kayaks, an aluminum fishing boat, and a two-seater paddle-boat. We’ve met some wonderful neighbors who don’t come up nearly enough!

It was so lovely last fall in the peace and quiet of no tv, no phone, and no computer. One morning I woke to a thunderstorm and sat at the table eating my bagel, drinking my coffee, and watching the little hummingbird outside my window as he drank his breakfast. It had such a calming effect on me — nothing like it. Just the thought of it and the anticipation of spring makes me happy.

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