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I’m so DMEUMB!

I’m so BUMMED! I was halfway done with that “showy shrug” I’ve been working on. I laid it out last night just to make sure it wasn’t going to be too big. When I compared it to the image on the pattern, I discovered I’D DONE IT BACKWARDS! I was thoroughly confused because it calls for reverse stockinette stitch, so apparently the purl side is the “RS” and the knit side is the “WS.”

So now I have to frog it all the way back to the sleeves, which really ticks me off because I’ve tried so hard to follow this danged pattern carefully. I should have asked more questions.

Oh, well. Live knit and learn.

One thought on “I’m so DMEUMB!

  1. Hello Maureen…

    Thanks for visiting my blog! So did you get your new bag yet! Love your blog…I very new at it. You’re not too far away – I’m up north on Monroe Lake a lot in the summer.


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