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Off-Shoulder Top Finished

Well, it’s done. But if you look at this picture, you’ll see that what was supposed to be the same dye lot definitely looks different at the top than at the bottom. I don’t understand why, and if someone has any ideas, please share them. I know that every skein was from the same lot, but for some weird reason, it looks much brighter at the top. It was done on circs and the sleeves added later. I also didn’t put the novelty yarn around the sleeves like the pattern calls for. I still like it, but I sure don’t understand the color change.

Oh, well! Knit on!

3 thoughts on “Off-Shoulder Top Finished

  1. One of the reasons that it looks so different at the top and bottom is because the spacing of the dying changed–the top is “pooling” more, where the different colors come together.

    It looks to me like the bottom was done circularly, and then you knit back and forth for the top and sleeves maybe? That changes how the colors line up.

    I hope that helps a little bit….


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