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This Mog is Stylin’ Now!

Yup. I found my dress for the upcoming nuptials of our eldest son in May. If you’ve read any of the previous posts regarding that most disturbing of shopping experiences, you’ll know that this wasn’t nearly as fun as it seems like it should have been; you know, going from dress store to dress store, trying on gown after gown, getting a full-length look at that aging body in bad lighting. Yeah; you catch my drift. It was definitely not for the faint of heart.

But after pretty much exhausting every “local” dress shop (as in within a 75-mile radius), I found a very beautiful dress from the Mon Cheri, Montage line that is not quite so MOG-ish. In fact, the blurb on their site actually says, “For that Mother of the Bride who doesn’t want to look like the Mother of the Bride” — or Groom, as it were.

I’d post a picture of it here, but then you might think I’m actually supposed to look like the model who’s wearing it. Since the models in the photo are in their 20’s, that’s not gonna happen. I’ve got the Spanx, I’ve got the Miss Groovy undergarment. I’ll just leave it to your imagination that I’ll look … well, at least not quite MOG-ish.

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