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My next project is on the needles, a simple shell tank for summer from Classic Elite. I’m not using their “Posh” yarn, though, because I found a bunch of Caron Simply Soft on clearance at WalMart a couple weeks ago and was compelled to buy it (stashbusters, ignore this). This stuff is SO soft and SO nice to work with! My biggest problem is finding time to do it (see page 2 for reasons why). Luckily it’s mostly brainless work with the help of my handy row-counter, so I can actually multi-task and do this while I’m watching “24,” the fastest hour on TV.

2 thoughts on “SIMPLE SHELL — SO FAR

  1. Hi from Austria! Oh, this tank is going to be so beautiful, I looove the color you chose, and the yarn certainly looks so soft and great! Looking forward to seeing more progress photos – have fun knitting!


  2. I started making a circular shrug out of the Caron and it is a lot softer than I expected and super inexpensive. But about “24”, I thought I was the only one who thought that hour just flies by. It is definitely the fastest hour on TV!–>


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