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I’m all ‘bashed’ out

Here we are. It’s two weeks since the BIG EVENT. It’s still hard to believe it’s behind us. It was such a grand and wonderful time! Even Mother Nature got all mushy and gave us sunshine and warmth until everyone was dancing in blissful ignorance during the evening rain. The kids (the newlyweds) seemed to really enjoy themselves while they were completely and totally surrounded by the love of their family and friends. There were a few happy tears, some really tender moments, and hours of laughing and dancing and laughing some more. It’s so fun to relive it in my mind!

In the meantime, the new Mr. and Mrs. decided to postpone going anywhere so they could concentrate their energies on their upcoming move to Oklahoma next month. Never in my wildest, weirdest dreams did I ever expect to spend my son’s honeymoon period with him. I mean, sure; I’ve heard we’re kind of a fun couple. But, ya know, there must have been some kind of line I forgot to draw in the sand or something. Thankfully we could get out to the cottage for some R&R of our own. And I know once they’re “Okies” I’ll wish they were back on the other side of the bedroom wall. For now, I guess we’ll just take what we can get and be flattered that they even want to stay with us!

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