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Up a river with many paddles!

Last Friday found us on the beautiful Jordan River where a dozen hearty souls enjoyed kayaking and canoeing on one of the hottest days of the year. It may have been in the 90’s, but we were cool and comfortable making our way down the very cold river. Some of the guys went ahead (the boys had to reconnoiter their ambush spots — poor Meg) while we women took our time enjoying the peace and quiet of a wonderful day.

Thanks, Sarah, for arranging such a great afternoon!

Here’s a few “action shots” from our adventure: Album.

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I’m totally enjoying this pattern and am so glad I bought it. I’m having a blast trying different yarns and seeing how they felt. I’m trying to figure out a way to make them look more MALE. And I’ve added little snaps to the straps instead of the buttons suggested because there’s no way I could sew on tiny buttons AND an elastic to go around it. No, unh-unh!Now I have to find some baby feet to fill them! Luckily, in my very large family, there’s always a baby! WooHoooo!!!!

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I’ve found a rut, and I’m staying in it!

Things are quiet in the ol’ town right now. We just finished with Alpenfest, our town’s annual week-long festival. It was hotter ‘n blazes — well into the 90’s and sunny, sunny, sunny. Who’d figure back in the throes of winter we’d all be complaining about the heat a few months down the road. There’s just no pleasing Michiganders.

OS*1 and bride are settling into life as Okie’s. He’s started his new job, she’s busy getting her bidness off the ground, and we’re looking forward to our first visit there come fall. OS2 will start her second job in about a week and then fall classes will begin shortly. We’ll see her next weekend when she comes to march in a parade in support of a friend running for re-election. OS3 is busy busy busy doing — what, I’m not sure. Well, he works, he plays, and he listens to his scanner to keep current on the pulse of this fine metropolis town. The SU* is off flying the unfriendly skies over the Middle East making sure our boys in blue and brown and camo get all the mail we can send. Me — I’m holding down the fort, as it were, cleaning up after bloody cat fights, tripping over a doting dog, and making sure there’s something and someone for everyone to come home to. And I’m NOT leaving my rut.

*SU=Spousal Unit

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I think this Blanche hat is my favorite hat pattern to make. It’s only slightly brainless knitting, which makes it a great project to take places where you only have to minimally think about what you’re doing. It seems to work great with whatever yarn you choose to use, and it comes out looking like you really did something creative! It’s a wonderful pattern! Thanks, Janelle!(And it SO works on this little bear, dudn’t?)

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unfinished sock

Love this toe-up sock from Knitty.

picot edge

And I REALLY like the little picot edging. Don’t know how I did it ‘cept followedthe directions,but it sure did come out cutsie and all.

.gusset holes

But I majorly screwed up the gusset area. Not sure exactly what I did wrong, but its mate will be done differently, nodoubtaboutit.