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I’ve found a rut, and I’m staying in it!

Things are quiet in the ol’ town right now. We just finished with Alpenfest, our town’s annual week-long festival. It was hotter ‘n blazes — well into the 90’s and sunny, sunny, sunny. Who’d figure back in the throes of winter we’d all be complaining about the heat a few months down the road. There’s just no pleasing Michiganders.

OS*1 and bride are settling into life as Okie’s. He’s started his new job, she’s busy getting her bidness off the ground, and we’re looking forward to our first visit there come fall. OS2 will start her second job in about a week and then fall classes will begin shortly. We’ll see her next weekend when she comes to march in a parade in support of a friend running for re-election. OS3 is busy busy busy doing — what, I’m not sure. Well, he works, he plays, and he listens to his scanner to keep current on the pulse of this fine metropolis town. The SU* is off flying the unfriendly skies over the Middle East making sure our boys in blue and brown and camo get all the mail we can send. Me — I’m holding down the fort, as it were, cleaning up after bloody cat fights, tripping over a doting dog, and making sure there’s something and someone for everyone to come home to. And I’m NOT leaving my rut.

*SU=Spousal Unit

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