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This hat is for Dan. He saw it in the Stitch N’ Bitch book last spring and said he’d love it. I think it’s because the name of it is “The Umbilical Cord Hat.”


He’s sorta like that, if you catch my drift. What a hoot.



And finally here are my two Wonderful Wallaby sweaters for my twin neice and nephew! Little projects are SO satisfying!

6 thoughts on “TWO SWEATERS AND A HAT.

  1. I have just discovered your knitting blog through Samantha, and your knits are just so good. I love the wallaby jumpers for your niece and nephew, so cute and adorable.


  2. i love your wallaby sweaters! i have been trying various yarns but can’t decide on one…what yarn did you use?
    thank you,


  3. I enjoy reading your blog and truly admire your Wonderful Wallaby sweaters. Fantastic knitting on them both. Please share the yarn and colorways you used and also the needle size.


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