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Okay. I’m fessing up. I’m in over my head. I’ve got…let’s see…four projects going plus some yarn already purchased to make Christmas stockings.

Christmas yarn

Do I actually believe I’m going to make these danged Christmas stockings?

For THIS year??? That would be for, like, eight weeks from now?

I have yarn for a hat to send to my nephew in Iraq…

Camo yarn

…and yarn for a scarf. (BTW, isn’t this beautiful stuff?)

Stonehedge Shepherd’s Worsted

I’m starting more and finishing less.

sock maybe

Oh My

So what gives?

Sure; the knitting weekend totally inspired me. But it also created this monster that’s having a hard time focusing.


5 thoughts on “WHAT AM I DOING?!?

  1. See i read this, and instead of saying ‘shame on that knitter for getting herself in too deep’ I thought…’oooooo Christmas Stocking! I can make Christmas stockings this year too’


  2. I completely understand your starteritis!! I think I have gotten mine under control, but it’s one day at a time!! Looking at your blog, I can see that you’ve completed many items!!

    Happy knitting!



  3. I’d like to say that I’m totally shocked that someone would have so many projects going at once but instead all I can say is that you’re in good company. LOL Keep us posted on your progress! 🙂


  4. I guess you had a COW too! LOL 😀

    COW = Cast ON Week

    I got that virus too a little while ago… I felt like casting one project a day…

    Well, I have lots of WIPs now and I am trying to manage finishing all those projects… 😉

    I guess sometimes there is no need to try to understand the twisted mind of a Knitter, huh? 😉 There are just things that cannot be explained… 😀

    Have fun Knitting! {v}


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