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FINALLY! A CLOG! (almost)

Clog side

Thanks to wonderful Wendy, I finally was able to figure out the bottom of this felted clog from the FiberTrends pattern of the same name. Now I have to make another one, but it’ll be iffy because I didn’t buy the correct yarn amounts. The closest place to get it is 25 miles away, and we’re having a bit of ‘weather’ right now. I’m real eager to see how they feel — I mean felt. smiley duh LOL!

4 thoughts on “FINALLY! A CLOG! (almost)

  1. I can’t wait to hear how you like them. This is one of my favorite patterns and everyone I’ve knit them for (including myself) just loves them! I hope you do too!


  2. Y’know what scares me? I’m knitting the very same thing…clogs for my sil in Okinawa. And the last four or five things you’ve knit are the very things I’m knitting…Fetching, Shedir, Branching Out. Are you scared yet? lol

    When does the Saturday knitting/coffee group meet again? I’m free this weekend…


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