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I’ve had a couple out-of-state folks ask me about selling online. I’ve only been open for close to three months, but April and May are not exactly high knitting season.  Seems like a big STEP, one that will take some prep work getting all my inventory online. Plus figuring out the whole shipping thing. But e-Commerce seems to be taking off, doesn’t it? I, myself, do a lot of shopping online. Big fan of it. But what about being on this end of it? Wish I could just stick my toe in the water and test it on a smaller scale…

Ideas, anyone?


  1. If you’re worried about what aspects….cause if you just have to check how to mail things out you can just randomly send stuff to me and I’ll tell you how long the shipping takes, knit it up to see how the gravity effects the yarn as it goes cross border and if there is a colour differential cause it’s now Canadian yarn.

    I’m all about helping people.


  2. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I’m glad to find yours and keep up to date on what’s happening with you and your shop. I really wish you the most success.

    I can understand your concern over whether to go for ecommerce or no when you just opened- it seems like a big commitment. But, on the other hand, if you ARE going to do it, this might be a good time, when you are smaller and less busy in the summer months.

    I know that when I’m home and looking for a particular yarn I do a search to see if any LYS that have online sites are having sales. But, then again…it’s probably a lot of work. Good luck with your decision.

    Btw, I’m still dreaming about that lovely silk yarn you carry and I can’t remember the name of it. I keep ooing and ahhing over it when I remember feeling it. Could you tell me the name of it? You were knitting “Eleanor” with it when I visited.


  3. I would suggest starting small – – try it out by putting a small group of items on ebay – – see how that goes – – hey, why not, you are really close to pak mail!! Let them handle the shipping.


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