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I love my picture window.


We really enjoy watching how the different breeds of birds outside our window handle feeding time.  Thom’s noticed that chickadees are extremely polite little birds.  While one little chickadee is at the feeder, the others are patiently waiting  their turns on a nearby tree branch or in the deck latticework.  As soon as one is done, another will take its place, only getting a single seed or so, then leaving the feeder for the next one.


The gold finch, on the other hand, are family-type eaters, who all like to gather together at the feeder, getting their fill, bouncing around and around it as if there were something different on the other side.

The titmouse seems to be a fairly friendly feeder eater who will share its meal with a fellow titmouse, but they’re  also a bit pickier, finding and tossing seeds that don’t appeal to them.

The woodpecker, though, gets the feeder all to himself because he’s just too big to share it with anyone else!  When he lands, it sways to one side while he struggles to take advantage of the free food, usually hanging almost upside down, his speckled body wrapped around the edge.

My favorite, of course, is the hummingbird.  I don’t expect to see them for a few more weeks — maybe even May.  But when they finally arrive, then I know it’s spring!

I can’t wait!

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