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The first day was like a day and a half.

She’s finally here! After waiting through the WHOLE day, we picked Anita up around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night. We thought we’d have plenty of time to get to the airport, but by the time we left the house, my FlightTracker said she’d be arriving sooner than we’d expected. Six miles from the airport we spotted her plane in the air! So when we got there, I jumped out at the terminal and beat cheeks up the escalator just in time to see them begin to come down the long walk from the causeway. Thom quickly joined me, and together we watched a LOT of people meet their parties; and I mean a LOT. We couldn’t believe how many people that plane held! Anita was near the back of the pack, and for a split second we wondered if we had the right plane.

But there she was! How great was it to see that piece of Gaylord, that piece of my knitting family, my lovely friend! The next two weeks will fly by, I’m sure, but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy them!

One thought on “The first day was like a day and a half.

  1. Let’s see…February 14 was like…
    a week suspended in TIME!

    ….. Reminiscent of not cupid,…. but more like Cuckoo’s Nest!


    Love your plane… Mare


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