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An event.

                       “The world is a quiet place…its images forever fixed. They do not vanish. They can
                               be remembered, and they can be foreseen. Nothing and no one are lost.”    
                                                                                                                                                                   ~Mark Helprin

She is losing her beloved. While they knew each other a lifetime, their time together was too short. How is this fair? I can think of a few people that deserve his fate more than he. Why is that? Why one and not another? Why is there no answer that will satisfy?

She will be forever changed by this. How can she not be? She will join the unenviable club of women who were left too soon, too young, too unexpectedly. She will see the lives around her go on. People driving their cars. Shopping. Having lunch. Laughing with friends. She will wonder, how do they go on? Don’t they know how the world has changed?

I’m grateful for her children; they will keep her focused, keep her HERE.

I call her the steel magnolia. She will never be the same.

And there is nothing I can do.

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