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Baby steps.

I’m here with my Sarah as she begins her transition to life without Rick. The week after his passing went by in a blur with friends and family surrounding her. She asked me to stay later than my intended date of the 12th, so I am here until the 15th. We drink coffee and talk, she runs her dogs, I knit, we do errands and watch movies. And all the time I try and picture her here in this beautiful log home alone. And it kills me. Carrie said it best, through tears, “I know Rick is in a better place. But you’re here without him, and I don’t want you to hurt!

It’s how we all feel. And there’s nothing we can do except keep in constant contact, let her know she’s loved and that we’re here for her if she wants or needs us. It is all baby steps for her now, and she knows it.

2 thoughts on “Baby steps.

  1. The depth of her love is reflected in the depth of her mourning. Remember, she loved very well. And I pray that her many memories comfort her, and eventually help her be so thankful for the many years they had together, how many days, how many treasured hours together. Again, let you and Sarah reflect on the words my mom told me, “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” My deepest Sympathy. From One who has loved and lost. Love, Marilyn


  2. Baby steps is right…she was dearly loved and loved dearly, so each day is one at a time. She’ll do it for him, knowing he is always nearby. Prayers.


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