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Here and gone.

Love these girls!

What a week! What a great and wonderful week with Emily and Maggie (or Em ‘n ‘M, as I like to call them). It just flew by. They said their biggest goal for their spring break was to get TAN! And boy did they get tan. Aside from one cloudy day spent shopping in Daytona Beach, they were at the beach bright and early every day for at least five hours. They swore they’d stay up on the sunscreen, and I have to believe they did.  Otherwise they’d be a whole lot pinker than they were. Between the sunscreen, the umbrella (only used occasionally, but at least it was used), cooling off in the ocean and drinking LOTS of water, they managed to not only get a beautiful tan, but do it without any trips to the emergency room!  Woo-HOOOO! They were quite responsible, which made me feel much more relieved when I thought of them out there in the heat of the day laying on the sand and soaking up the sun. Check out all their fun here!

We thoroughly enjoyed them, and decided to make this a FIRST ANNUAL SPRING BREAK!

We miss you!

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