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A Wonderful Visit!

At Hammock Gardens.
At Hammock Gardens.

No one thought she’d make it a month, but make it she did! Mom was here the whole month of February, which gave us plenty of time to get to the beach, go to the IMAX for her first 3D show, experience a great priest at a lovely mission church, eat out, eat in, knit, see the manatees, play bridge both on her laptop and in a large local group, and read, read, read!  I’m not sure how many books she went through, but when she ran out, we visited the library and got her stocked up with more.

Sometimes when I got home from work I’d ask what she did today, and her response was, “Well, I read all day!” She struggled with the guilt of doing just exactly what she wanted when she wanted, and while I tried to convince her that she could anything she wanted and it didn’t matter to us, she said the guilt thing was built into her and she just couldn’t help it. So I said, “Okay,” and left it at that.

We sure did enjoy having her here, and my hope is she had a nice enough time that she wants to come back. Any time!

And check out the photos here.


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