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‘HE’ made my day.

Occasionally while on my break at work I’ll check my email and Facebook to see what’s happening in the world. This past Thursday I was happy I did. There was a blurb from The Beanery that there was a whale sighting at N. 20th in Flagler Beach ‘about an hour ago.’ Knowing that they don’t move very quickly, I decided last minute to take an early lunch, text Thom about it, and head down there. He went one way and I went another, staying in touch via phone. Neither of us saw anything, so I said I was heading back to the office.

On my way north along the ocean, I kept my eyes peeled, and right where we typically go swimming, I saw dolphins.


Not just one or two, but LOTS of dolphins! I quickly pulled onto the shoulder, grabbed my binoculars, jumped out of the car and searched. I’ve never seen so many gannets, pelicans and dolphins in one place. Something had to be there! Thom pulled up behind me, and I motioned him to come quickly! He had his camera on its tripod in seconds and was snapping pictures when I saw her. I gasped.SONY DSCWhat a thrill!

With that dorsal fin, I’m not even sure what kind it was. Right whales are typically seen here this time of year, but they don’t have a dorsal fin. I’d love to know what she was. She stayed around for quite awhile along with the dolphins, fishing and playing.

SONY DSCI could barely tear myself away to go back to work. I finally went back to my car, which was still running with all the windows down and my phone and purse still on the seat! And I thanked God for this perfectly beautiful gift that made my day.

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