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I wish I’d written this….

Not sure if I need permission (I’ll apologize in advance), but I want to re-post this blog post from Kelsea, who is one of four sisters with this blog. For some reason, I’ve been reflecting lately on my boys as babies, children, teens, and men. Maybe it’s because I saw a couple of photos of them lately with their beautiful wives and they look so happy and content; maybe it’s because I’ve been working with old pictures getting prepped for Christmas presents. Whatever the reason, I came across this blog post, and like so many women out there, I wish I’d written it years ago to my now wonderful daughters-in-law:

To My Future Daughter-in-Law 
My boys and their brides: Drew and Kristin, Kevin and Savanna
My boys and their brides: Drew and Kristin, Kevin and Savanna

One thought on “I wish I’d written this….

  1. This is lovely. 🙂 You have done a pretty darn good job! You have given me a husband who loves. Who protects. Who has Faith when I have worry.

    Who just made me a breakfast sandwich for lunch after church, with extra pepperoni, just the way I like it.

    Seriously, could I ever ask for more?

    Signed –

    Your baby’s very happy wife.


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