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This kid

Audrey JeanThis kid. Audrey Jean. AJ, as her dad likes to call her. Seven months old in this picture in the hat I made her. When she smiles like that, she looks just like Kevin as a baby. It’s amazing to me. Her squinty eyes (like mine!), the little puffs under them…it’s Kevin. But she has her mumma’s mouth and smile. She’s the perfect mix.

And her temperament is straight out of a fairy tale. I know Savanna would disagree at 2:00, 4:00, and 5:00 in the morning, but the rest of us don’t get to see that, and so as far as we’re aware, this is one unusual child. At 8 months old, she’s still not shy. She will happily go from arms to arms, giving you her smile, making you laugh till you cry with her ‘funny face’ antics, and letting you know when she’s in need of her mumma by looking for and reaching out to her. She will happily play in her chair or on the floor. She loves sitting in the kitchen and watching you prepare meals. She loves her Cleo pup. She’s sweet and gentle and somehow sensitive even at this young age. Of course she cries; of course she gets fussy around the witching hour, and yes Savanna is her best food supply and thus is exhausted lately from no sleep. But this kid…

In the words of her Great-Grampa Charlie, she’s “somethin’ else.”

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