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What a kid.

A pink rainbow

My three-year-old granddaughter was over for dinner last night. I had knitted her some pink socks because everything has to be pink right now. But they were too small, and she was disappointed and asked me to make some more. I suggested she come with me to my yarn stash and pick out some yarn, and I would attempt to make socks for her and her baby sister, and if there was enough left, for her momma.

She picked out the yarn you see here, calling it a pink rainbow. I love it! Then she said to make them right now.

Anyone who does any kind of fiber crafting knows that ‘right now’ isn’t happening, especially with a knitted sock. But I told her she could help me wind the yarn into a ball so it would be ready. She happily agreed to that and really liked the way it turned out, going from hank (“I wanna use it for a jump rope!) to ball.

She climbed up next to me on the couch and asked if I would ‘pease make them now.’ I told her I would start them now, but that it’ll take a long time to finish them. Her response was,

“That’s okay. I’ll wait.”

Her momma questioned, “But it will take a lot of days. Where will you sleep?”

AJ: “Amember that time when I hanged out with Aunt Meghan and Cousin Stephanie? I wanna hang out with Nana and Daydid.”

Nana: But I can’t get them done tonight. It will take me lots of days.

AJ: “That’s okay. I’ll wait.”

God, I love this kid.

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