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A Win-Win Winter!

I’m sorry, Ben, but I beg to differ.

While I’ve certainly heard this little ditty quite a bit over the years, try as I might, I can only remember one instance where I found it to be true, and that was the result of a horrible miscalculation on my part that caused an invited guest to stay long past the originally planned time frame. Totally my bad.

This past January found us moving to our (hopefully) forever home and bringing my 93-year-old mother along with us to enjoy the sun and warmth of Florida out of the cold winter months of northern Michigan. Owing, I believe, to her advanced age and an unknown future, we’ve found ourselves hosting lots of family and friends and enjoying sharing the sun, the beach, the great restaurants, and of course Mom.

When Mom first arrived near the beginning of January, she seemed confused by exactly how long she was staying, repeatedly quoting the above ditty most every day until finally, finally, she seemed to accept the fact that she was indeed here for the winter and that, yes, it was all right with Sean.

Every morning finds her at the table in the front window with her cup of coffee exclaiming how beautiful the sunshine is, how lovely the area and how lucky we are to live here. Before her computer bridge game, we check her email, and if nothing is new, she’ll say, “Well, out of sight, out of mind.” It’s then I remind her how many have come and how many will be coming, until she says, “Am I lucky or WOT!”

I’m lucky in David, too, who enjoys having guests as much as I do. I can’t think of anyone who has been here or who is planning a visit who is difficult to have. We’re pretty easygoing, and we find that perhaps because of that, company is easy to have. Everyone pitches in, no one is demanding, each person adds to the fun, and it’s so gratifying to watch how much Mom enjoys seeing them.

I know it’ll be a long, hot summer. People rarely visit during those months, and Mom will be back at her TC home enjoying the beauty of a northern Michigan summer. I’m gathering these moments as they come, enjoying the novelty of each visitor, hoping everyone is comfortable, well fed, watered (David’s department), and glad they came. As an added benefit of Mom being the draw, I get some great one-on-one time with some of my siblings I may not have had otherwise. It’s a win-win winter no matter which way you look at it!

There’s more family…and more pics…to come!

One thought on “A Win-Win Winter!

  1. Thoughts that make me smile, Moe! Nice job of journaling. Sure enjoyed my short visit. Say hay to David for me, and give my mother a big kiss, too. You’re A#1. Wait, that’s me. But hay, you’re right up there…. BC

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