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There are no winners here.

I don’t typically engage in political dialogue. There’s nothing to be gained by a conversation expecting to change someone’s thinking. It just rarely, if ever, happens. So I suppose this is as good a place as any to voice my opinion without too much repercussion.

I am a registered Independent. After my favorite president (Reagan) left office and very post 911 – post us all banding together when Americans briefly felt united after the terrorist attack – what was once considered ‘news’ became more and more opinion with both sides telling us what we should think (like them!) and why. Except the ‘whys’ were usually biased and often interjected with fearmongering and speculation. As the years progressed, it only got worse and more vocal, more obvious seemingly to everyone but them.

Now that the election is over (practically), I will finally admit that, after much listening and reading, I cast my vote for the single-most ill-equipped individual to ever grace a podium. I am with you if you believe President Trump, as a person, is a tactless, mouthy, brash and narcissistic human being. If there ever was an antithesis of Ronald Reagan, it is Donald Trump. I often hear, “He’s no politician.” And a truer statement could never be made. But honestly? I think that’s why I voted for him!

I’m sick to DEATH of politicians; the slick-talking, tell-’em-what-they-wanna-hear, say-anything-to-get-elected politicians who, without flinching, play into Americans’ paranoia and fear that they, themselves create, making lame promises of change they assure will happen, all the while knowing THE BIG SECRET: Just get elected, then do whatever the lobbyists paid you to do. As despicable as Mr. Trump is, I truly believe he’s in nobody’s pocket. Who would have him? And I believe he has the best interest of America – not himself – at heart. Who better to head the business of running a country than a successful, smart businessman? Should someone have banned him from Twitter and all social media? You bet. The man’s a social idiot. But he’s the best idiot around for the daunting job of getting this country moving again.

President Joe Biden? Please. I give it a year, maybe a year and a half, and Kamala Harris will be stepping in, pushing her near-socialist agenda with the full support of the leftist media and social platforms. I have nothing against Ms. Harris. As an American, I sincerely hope she is successful running the country. But I pose these questions:

  • After eight years of Barack Obama, why was the African American community no better off than before he took office? I’ve never heard a good answer to that question.
  • If Antifa really was an independent group, why so quiet after the election? Did ‘their guy’ get in?
  • Wasn’t it reverse discrimination that got Ms. Harris her position? Can you imagine the uproar had she been a white woman? (Perhaps Antifa might have been vocal then?)
  • With the COVID-caused unemployment rate hovering around 13%, would you rather have a successful businessman or a lifelong politician in charge of your family’s future?

Frankly, I think President Trump needs to concede this election. Despite very clear instances of voter fraud on so many levels (the most obvious being the dead voters), it’s time to put the election behind us and try to crawl the rest of the way out of 2020. Time will tell in the upcoming months and years whether the elected ticket will fulfill all their promises. But I’ve always been a believer in real-life consequences; you couldn’t ask for a better teacher than the real-life consequences of the choices you make. Coronavirus aside, the voting millennials of today have never suffered through a depression, an energy crisis, vast unemployment, or sky-high mortgage and interest rates. They take what they hear at face value with nothing for comparison in their own lives, and they believe what the biased media tells them. In all honestly, with the COVID-caused unemployment currently, you can bet I’d rather have a businessman in office than a life-long politician in the pockets of self-interest groups.

I just want it over. All of it. COVID, the election, the crazy weather (I live in Florida). No one will come out of 2020 unscathed. Believe me, there are no winners here.

3 thoughts on “There are no winners here.

  1. I totally agree with you. Its so frustrating. Its a damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation. I too believe Harris will be president during Biden’s term and we will all tilt towards socialism. Trump is, as you say, brash, harsh, egotistical and doesn’t know how to talk to people, much less a nation. BUT, what has he done so wrong during his tenure. I, in my attitude of giving up, hope that the media, Tomi, or someone, berates him and his son, drags their name through the mud and publicly embarrasses them DAILY, like they did Trump, mentally torturing every day, every minute, never once commending him for all that he did do, the promises he did keep, the jobs he did create and the charities he gave his paycheck to every month. Yeah, I’m a little bitter, but it doesn’t get me anywhere, so lets get on with 2021. I so over this whole thing!


  2. I can understand how many people wish just to shut everything out. It is a complexity of mumbo jumbo and bratty adults arguing over this and that. Having said that, the more I learn and understand, the more I know I need to know. Oh, I don’t lose sleep over it (much). I go on with my life, working, family, and having hobbies, talking about other stuff. But from time to time, I learn and read, then understand. I know the country got to where it is because all too many people did not remain informed. I understand this because, when I have talked with older people, often I’m amazed how much they don’t know, but in not voting or casting uninformed votes, we are where we are. As far as making a difference: we do. Small often. But in talking with people, blogging, and writing, I have noticed (with others) better articles of real information and understanding. We encourage people to keep speaking and writing.

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  3. Condescension cost the Dems the 2016 election. Are they going to try to convince us that they know what’s best for us again after 2020? And why would we rural Michigander’s want to support coastal elites who make up the left anyway? Also, we should WANT a divided government (hoping the GOP holds the Senate). Otherwise it moves too fast in one direction. CO in Michigan


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