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It’s the 23rd — No, it’s the 24th…

You’d think I’d be tired. You’d think I’d be worn out. I went shopping again today. The MOB and I left here at 9:30 in the morning to drive 70 miles to a town where there are a few more options in mothers-of-the-couple wear. The roads were dry, the sun was trying to make an appearance, and we were both armed with numbers and pictures of dresses we wanted to try on. And this time I wore the tummy-sucker I’d bought over the weekend to relieve my ab muscles of holding in my belly all the time. As an added precaution, I made sure not to drink too many liquids. We even braved the 30-degree weather and left our coats in the car so as not to be too encumbered during our quest.

Our first stop didn’t pan out, although we both discovered the high school girls should be shopping for prom dresses right now. ($25 bucks for last fall’s designs!) We put a couple things on hold knowing we probably wouldn’t be back for them.

We made our way to the bridal shop in the mall, none too confident that we’d find anything there after seeing bright, bushy, teenage-styled gowns in the window. Entering the place and taking it all in changed our minds. In 15 minutes I had 35 dresses to try on; the MOB had maybe 15.

Of course, never sure what size is really accurate and being ridiculously size-gunshy, I actually had pretty good luck with straight 10’s and tried on gown after gown. Dashing in and out of the dressing room, trading mirror time with the MOB, I was once again amazed and appalled at the creature looking back at me. I can’t say I found nothing; I did find a couple things I liked. But when I shop for something like this, I really have to love it before I can buy it. And these babies aren’t cheap. Plus the gal is now telling us they’d have to put a ‘rush’ order on the one dress I was considering in order to get it here by the wedding in May.

Lucky, lucky MOB, though! She found the most perfect dress for her that you could ever imagine. Nothing she would have taken a second glance at normally, this dress really was made for her — with some alterations. (Did I mention she’s a size 2?) It’s stunning, really. So gorgeous, in fact, that I feel the bar has been raised so high that I just can’t get near it.

So now the pressure is really on. That’s why I’m sitting up at 3:00 in the morning clicking through collections of dresses trying to find something to wear in May. I ordered a bunch of dresses online that can be returned, but I want to try them on. I ordered them all in a 12. (I bet I’m at least an 8 with this company!)

Finally, having never fallen asleep in front of a computer before, the little clock reflecting on the wall is telling me to JUST GO TO BED!


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