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One Down, One to Go

Sock number one is done, but it definitely didn’t turn out that great. This was knitted on two Addi circs. I do like doing socks better this way since I’m not keen on dpn’s, but hopefully the next sock will be better. I’ve casted it on — in fact, I think I casted it on six times; I wanted both top edges to be the same color. Course, now I get to do the k1p1 ribbing; nothing but fun, fun fun! At least it’s only for three inches; not a tall sock. These are mostly for practice, anyway. Maybe I should try the Magic Loop method…

2 thoughts on “One Down, One to Go

  1. Your sock turned out great! I can’t do the dpn’s. I prefer the 2 circ method, but the downside is accumulating 2 of every size needle. ACK!

    Your cat is hilarious. We have a persian that lays that way, all day. Her belly is mat free, but her back is a whole ‘nother story.


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