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Who-Dun Knit?

Who is this creature in my skin who is so thoroughly obsessed with yarn and patterns and dpn’s and circs? Why can’t I think about doing something else? I’ve been knitting for over a year now. My projects keep me up till the wee hours of the morning. I take them in the car with me wherever I go in the hopes that maybe — just maybe I can get a few stitches in while I am … well, wherever I am. It’s something I use as a bribe to reward myself: If I go to the gym, I can knit for a half hour. If I walk two miles, I can knit for an hour. If I make dinner now, I can knit all evening.

I do not have an addictive personality. I’ve never really felt compelled to do any certain behavior such as drinking, smoking, eating. Well, okay. Sometimes the eating. But it’s never been where I felt I just had to do it because of a craving of some sort.

I keep thinking it will probably pass. I’ve talked to other people who used to knit who were gung ho, knitted up a storm for a couple of years then slowly stopped. Is that what will happen with me? How far down the road? When I’m broke from adding to my stash? When I run out of room for all my gadgets and patterns and needles? When it takes over not just the family room but the family? Do they make a patch for this sort of thing?? Do I need to find a KA meeting somewhere????

I guess I’m still okay, though. My kids still recognize me; they seem to have gotten used to hearing me respond to any request with, “Hang on. Just one more row.” I’m still happily married, though my cat does seem a little needy lately. I still hold down a part-time job. I haven’t completely let myself go. But I’ll definitely have to watch for signs of knitaholism.

I already recognize some of them: Every sweater I see is studied for its knitting pattern. Every purse is discreetly appraised for its use as a knitting bag. Every store is graded on whether it carries yarn. If I have to explain what a “stash” is or what “frogging” means, our conversations won’t be that long.

But I think I’ll be fine. It’s not a problem yet. It’s not like I was using that space behind the couch for anything else. No one can even see the stuff that’s back there. And I have lots of extra vases, so it’s not like those needles are in the way there. And you can always use an extra hat or scarf or purse or two. Right?

I mean, it’s not really a problem yet; right?

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