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This is me after trying to wind a 440-yard hank of fingering-weight yarn without a swift. Not too swift, huh?

3 of us

God bless the women who happily and patiently assisted me in my frustration. Anita was the catalyst for the help, but two more relieved her after watching us for at least 45 minutes. This is not the first time I’ve ended up with the hank around my neck instead of a swift. I have a ball winder, but what good is it if you have this?!?


If Santa doesn’t come through this year, that’ll be my next purchase, fer sure.

Christmas dinner at Fullers’

But we sure did have a great time knitting the afternoon away at this beautiful B&B. Judy served us a beautiful Christmas dinner that looked straight out of a magazine right down to the candles and the music in the background. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

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Branching out scarf

I really enjoyed making this Branching Out lace scarf from the Knitty site. I bought this yarn months and months ago from a local spinner at Stonehedge Farm and Fiber Mill simply because it begged me to buy it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it, but when I finally felt ready to tackle another lace project, there it was. I’m so happy with how it turned out, even with the mistakes. And it washed and blocked beautifully! While it did take a really long time, it’s only because I had to do it with careful thought, which meant no tv, no conversation, just concentration, one row at a time. But it was worth it.



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No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

All righty, then. Seems I’ve been missed. Hard for me to believe, even if only one person missed me. But you, my loyal reader, have been heard.

It’s Thursday. I know it’s Thursday because I had my ‘BIG NIGHT OUT’ with my fellow Red Hatters at our annual Christmas get-together. What a lovely way to spend an evening. Of course, getting there was a challenge because I had to bring a gift to pass. Seems like that shouldn’t be that big a deal seeing as it is the gift-buying season. So, okay. I had the gift. But before I could leave, I had to wrap it. With a bow. Ever try finding a nice Christmas bow in a Michigan basement? A bow that doesn’t reek of kitty litter and carry extra strings of webbing? Our basement is about five blocks high. Maybe six. It’s maybe 12-foot square, and it holds — get this — our furnace, humidifier, water heater, cat box and bed, leftover paint cans, vintage luggage (I say “vintage” because I can hardly recognize it for the dust), wrapping paper, Easter baskets, and various other sundries covered with dust and webs. Suffice it to say, it ain’t pretty.

But I digress.

Finding a lovely bow turned out to be the easy part. Getting the gift wrapped while trying to give my unplanned guest the hint that I was in a hurry to leave was challenged only by my cell phone ringing quickly followed by my home phone ringing. I was pretty popular around 5:15 this evening. Even my normally aloof cat was rubbing against my leg insisting I feed her yet again this week.

Waving my guest away with the wish for a safe drive, I ran up the stairs to find something “Christmas-y” to wear and put my eyebrows back on. (I won’t even mention the phone call from the gal to whose home I was headed asking me, “Is the party tonight?” She’s in way worse shape than me.) I grabbed my red hat, bounded down the stairs, headed for the door, remembering at the last minute I might want to bring that gift I wrapped. Oh, and my coat. I threw my gift in a bag along with my purse, loaded my arm with three more little bags of things I needed to bring, and then headed again for the door, only to stop short realizing I had to move the wet jeans from the washer to the dryer. Heaven forbid I put down the bags.

Finally getting myself into the car, I remembered my camera, ran back into the house to retrieve it, slammed a couple doors on my way out, and breathed a HUGH sigh of relief that I could DO NOTHING for a couple hours.

More later.

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before and after

side by side clogs

Well, HO HO HO! I finished both clogs, and I only felted one because I LOVE looking at these things! Aren’t they fun?!? While making them was a real bugger on my fingers (that bumper and double yarns are tough!), I really like how it turned out after felting. Wish I’d started some of these earlier, because they definitely would have made great Christmas presents.

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FINALLY! A CLOG! (almost)

Clog side

Thanks to wonderful Wendy, I finally was able to figure out the bottom of this felted clog from the FiberTrends pattern of the same name. Now I have to make another one, but it’ll be iffy because I didn’t buy the correct yarn amounts. The closest place to get it is 25 miles away, and we’re having a bit of ‘weather’ right now. I’m real eager to see how they feel — I mean felt. smiley duh LOL!

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Blue mitts

Long mitts

Here’s a couple pair of fingerless mitts. The blue ones were made in the lovely RY Cashsoft DK I received from my SecretPal. The others are done with some remaining Plymouth Encore Colorspun. These are quick knits and fun to make. Wouldn’t they be great for marching bands? If only I could make hundreds!! I’m still working on other Christmas gifts and a HUMOUNGUS project I’ll share later. Exciting stuff in the new year, that’s for sure!!!