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Enjoying the sunshine!

The temps were going to approach 80 today, so we headed to the beach for a couple hours with the dog. It was really a perfect day; mostly sunny, very little wind, the tide was half out, and the waves were just right. Afterward, what could be better than knitting in the sun and the sand!

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Spinning my wheels!

Well, I’ve taken the next step. Looky, looky what I’ve gone and done:


And if you look real close, you’ll see two full ‘bobbins’ and a peachy ball of spun wool sitting atop the spindle. I’m such a newbie at this, but we have a very fun group of spinners that come in every third Thursday that I knew I had to be a part of it all. I learned this is a “Baynes” wheel from New Zealand; I bought it used. I know it’s from the 1960’s, it’s a ‘castle’ style, and I love the look of it. It also makes a little “clickity-clackity” noise while I’m treadling. And I do treadle madly. (In fact, I was treadling so madly last fall at my cottage this thing almost landed in the deep end of the lake.) I still have a lot to learn. But honestly, sometimes I feel compelled to spin; it’s the only word I can use to describe the feeling. Now if anyone says anything about ‘spinning your wheels’ I say, “YES! YES! YES!”

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Looky!  Looky!  Here’s some before and after photos of the same day — TODAY!

3-7-07 a.m.


‘Course, it’s a little confusing, but that’s the same room.  The second photo is looking from that front door you see in the first picture.    See that white post on the left, here, with that little bit of slatwall?  That’s the one you see in the first picture, too. 

I can’t get over how much yarn I still have to put up, plus all my notions and patterns and fun stuff, galore!  It’s just a start, but at least I’m moving forward!

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I’d love some ideas for my 11-foot front window display at my new store, ImagiKnit. Any and all suggestions would be most welcome! I’m a little brain-fried trying to get this up and running, but it looks like it could happen THIS WEEK!!! I can hardly believe it. With so many delays and set-backs in dealing with our local building department and state codes (at least their interpretation of them), I didn’t think it would ever happen. And I hate counting my skeins before they’re spun — I mean, do I actually have a permanent occupancy permit? *shudder* I won’t even go there.

So waddya think about this idea (for starters) for a window display?

window display 1

Ya like those needles? Aren’t they a HOOT?!? Would you love to see your ideas come to life? Send me your thoughts. If I use any part of them, I’ll take a pic of the window display and post it!

C’mon! Help!

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This is me after trying to wind a 440-yard hank of fingering-weight yarn without a swift. Not too swift, huh?

3 of us

God bless the women who happily and patiently assisted me in my frustration. Anita was the catalyst for the help, but two more relieved her after watching us for at least 45 minutes. This is not the first time I’ve ended up with the hank around my neck instead of a swift. I have a ball winder, but what good is it if you have this?!?


If Santa doesn’t come through this year, that’ll be my next purchase, fer sure.

Christmas dinner at Fullers’

But we sure did have a great time knitting the afternoon away at this beautiful B&B. Judy served us a beautiful Christmas dinner that looked straight out of a magazine right down to the candles and the music in the background. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!