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I did it. WE did it. WE OPENED OUR DOORS AT IMAGIKNIT! Oh, I can chuckle now. Now it’s 5:00 o’clock and my shoes are off and my feet are tingling from standing on them all day. But at 5:30 this morning, chuckling was the last sound you would have heard from me.

Two nights ago, my dad was taken to the ER and admitted to ICU for what turned out to be a heart attack. Since he’d had a stroke a year and a half ago, this was serious. The doc didn’t hold out much hope for him. While my 10 siblings gathered with mom at the hospital, I had to make the decision whether to open as scheduled or post a notice on the door and join the others.

At 6:45 Saturday morning, I headed up to see how dad was doing. I was surprised and relieved to see him sitting up in bed watching the news waiting for his breakfast. The nurse called him their miracle patient! Dad and I chatted about the shop, and he encouraged me to go for it. And so I did.

I quickly ran through WalMart for some last-minute items, then I headed for opening day. (Not the grand opening day, mind you. That’s next Saturday, the 17th.) My wonderful and priceless knitting friends came early to help me get ready.  10:00 o’clock came, and the first customer arrived.

[Note to self: Whenever opening a new shop, make sure the cash register works, receipts print, and cash drawer opens.]

How fun! How exciting! How stressful!

[Note to self: Whenever opening a new shop, make sure to have cash for change in the till.]

Thank goodness knitters are what they are. It’s what makes them knitters. They’re generous. They’re understanding. They’re helpful. They seem to have a good sense of humor.

The really beautiful thing about starting out the way I did this morning is, honestly, things could only improve. And they did. While I did have a few other glitches (credit cards wouldn’t work, checks would prove a bit of a challenge), mostly it was just fun. It was fun to listen to the “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” when people saw what we carried. It was fun to see women in the social area sitting and knitting and spinning. It was fun to help people pick yarns and find what they wanted. And yes, it was even fun realizing my mistakes, big and small, and having everyone laughing at with me!

So tomorrow being Sunday, we’re closed. Thank goodness! I have to go see my dad, I have to visit with my wonderful sibs (thanks, guys, for stopping by the shop so I didn’t feel so left out!), and I have to go get ready for the week ahead, including — egad! — a GRAND opening!

[Note to self:  I think we’re in for a wonderful ride!]

5 thoughts on “NOTE TO SELF…

  1. Congrats on your first day! It sounds like it was a success! I’m glad to hear you have a social section. I have several LYS’s, but my favorite one is the one with the huge tables we can sit and knit at. It’s nice to become friends with the staff, as they sit with us during slow moments.
    I’m glad your father seems to be doing well. I hope he continues to improve, and can see that shop of yours full of happy knitters for himself soon:)


  2. I’m glad to hear that Dad is doing better…wouldn’t it be fun to have him out and at the Grand Opening? (fingers crossed)

    Yesterday was wonderful and just a small taste of what’s to come. I’m so happy for you that it’s finally here (a ‘dress rehearsal’ wasn’t a bad idea at all) and proud of you that you’ve held it together through the whole thing.

    Gaylord has needed Imagiknit for a long time…welcome home!

    ~Huge hugs~


  3. Congratulations on having a successful first day! It sounds and looks like you are doing well! If I were closer I would be happy to shop at your store.
    I am glad your Dad is doing so much better.


  4. OH how wonderful! I’m soooo excited for you! Glad to hear your Dad is much improved and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

    I am soo wishing I lived closer!


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