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I know. I know. Where have I been. That is a very legitimate question; one that I should know the answer to. To be short and to the point, I’ve been at the shop. If I’m not actually at the shop, I’m either going to the shop, leaving the shop, or thinking about the shop.

Now ask me what I’ve knit lately. That is a very legitimate question, too. I remember when I first thought about opening a yarn shop. A friend (who also owns a shop) warned me that if I was getting into owning a shop with the idea that I would be able to knit to my heart’s content, I should reconsider. I laughingly agreed that I would most likely be too busy, but inside I knew it would be different for me. Why? I love knitting. I love yarn. I love the gadgets and the needles and the textures and the patterns. I knew I could never let a day go by without picking up my needles and at least getting a few stitches on. Never!

At what age do we finally stop believing that “It’ll be different for me”? I had a recent conversation with a girlfriend regarding the tough lessons kids have to go through instead of learning from someone else’s mistakes. “Why do they think they’re different?” I asked.

So here I am, taking a break at 10:00 p.m., to tell you why I haven’t been here. I am ashamedly admitting to anyone who happens by that she was right. And while she would never come right out and say, “I told you so,” I’m doing it for her. She told me so.

3 thoughts on “SHE TOLD ME SO.

  1. NO NO NO!!!You MUST go back and watch the WHOLE video…seriously, it’s the end that makes it all worth it! I realize it’s like an accident but that last bit is worth the pain of the rest of it!

    tee hee


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