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Seems like every new knitting project I start, I don’t get even a third of the way through it when I discover something wrong.  It’s either something wrong with the actual pattern, there’s possibly something wrong with my yarn choice, or my knitting is all wrong be it gauge, mistakes, whatever.  I’m amazed at how often I have to either tink (‘knit’ backwards) or even frog (completely ‘ribbit’ ribbit’ out).  Sometimes I have to start completely over four or five times!  And frankly, by the fourth or fifth time, I’m no longer enamored of my yarn choice and I’m pretty much ‘over’ the project.

So here I am, 8 days before Christmas, and this is what I’ve accomplished in the projects department:

  • Felted clogs for cousin; yet to be mailed.
  • Felted clogs as another gift for unnamed.
  • In-progress lace item that needs total concentration.
  • Entrelac socks already totally frogged twice.
  • Fringe on completed shawl — at least completed until I found a big, fat HOLE along the top edge where some stitch mysteriously jumped off my needles but didn’t make itself known for at least 8 rows and 5 days later.

The only reason the clogs got finished is because we had a workshop on them which caused me to HAVE to do them.  I’ll be amazed and surprised if the lacy item gets completed.  The socks will have to wait now.  As far as my shawl is concerned… well, all I can say is….“DEBYYYYYYYYYY!

Pictures to come of all these UFO’s.

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