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Saturday, the last day of winter

March 19th. This is the last day of winter, 2011. Looking outside I can believe it. What I see is brown and white. White where the ice and snow still linger; brown where the earth has broken through from the sun has warming enough to melt the snowy cover we’ve seen for months. We’re approaching my favorite time of year.

Every morning now I have my coffee in front of my picture window waiting to see the first sign of new life on the lake. Thom said he’s already seen a deer crossing the frozen surface, but that doesn’t count for me. I want to see the babies. The fawns, the ducklings. We’re already beginning to see new birds and hearing geese from another lake. The chickadees are going to have to start sharing the food that’s been theirs alone all winter. And this little guys sits just outside my window close enough to touch. He’s still pretty young, climbing around the logs on the deck and gathering up the spilled critter feed one of his relatives got into over the winter. He’ll fatten up soon enough!

Oh, I just can’t wait!

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